The Long Lasting Lesson of Rupert (Paperback)

The Long Lasting Lesson of Rupert Cover Image

The Long Lasting Lesson of Rupert (Paperback)

By Kaptain Seeg, Casey Davis (Illustrator), Janna Geary (Designed by)


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Rupert Tea's Life Lasting Lesson is a brilliant allegorical metaphor that cracks open the doors of change and takes its readers on a journey through its various pathways. It raises questions around change that are often overlook, such as "What are the potential consequences that come along with failing to accept change?" It gives the reader an opportunity to reflect on what paths to change they are willing to embrace and what may lay ahead for those that refuse to even give it a try.

The author/educator, Kaptain Seeg, burrows from the legacy of Dr. Seuss' social commentary through simple rhyming and uses a prehistoric backdrop to look at the contemporary social landscape and dares the audience to find themselves in the pile. The author's creative wit is personified through the main character and leaves readers wanting more.

The illustration, by Casey Davis, leap from the page with a detailed vibrancy that holds the reader's eyes captive while Kaptain Seeg, delivers the stories content cleverly in a way that crosses all age barriers. This dynamic duo has definitely found magic in their creative way of storytelling.

Rupert Tea is a must have for anyone seeking to pass on the important lessons of change in a way that will never be forgotten.

Product Details ISBN: 9780997186406
ISBN-10: 0997186402
Publisher: Up Close & Personal Publishing
Publication Date: January 15th, 2016
Pages: 44
Language: English